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Why You Need a Reboot

You're here because you're tired of the old regime. You've arrived at that fork in road and you're trying to determine which path will lead you to that place of peace and purpose. More importantly, you're ready, ready by any means necessary to change your life NOW! That is why you need a REBOOT.

Where to Begin...

Where are you now?

It's common to reach a point where we arrive at the fork in the road. It can happen more than once as you close out one cycle or phase of life and enter into another. Sometimes you can see it approaching, like when you graduate high school or are on the verge of the empty-nest. Other times it just seems to catch us unprepared. Either way, you're in a space of what's next for me. How do I proceed? Which road should I take. Often it's hard to figure it out because you're bound by feelings, emotions and beliefs that act as cement shoes.

How would you describe your feelings concerning where you are?

Drained & Depleted

Uncertain About Your Future

Confused about your life overall. Unsure if you're in the right place, job, relationship. Perhaps an unexpected loss has left you feeling empty, confused, without purpose or direction and uncertain about what's next. Such a loss can include the empty nest experience, changes in a long-term relationship, job loss, etc. You may be uncertain about what you should do with your life. It is likely that you feel you're repeating the same experiences or attracting the same type of people into your life. If this is you, we recommend starting with our self IDENTITY tools.

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Expanding & Ready

Ready for Change

You have exceeded the boundaries in which you can express yourself in the current space. You are secure about who you are but you're ready to free yourself from that which you have outgrown. Perhaps you're an Empty Nester or Retiree, seeking new purpose and need help flushing it out. Maybe you're looking to attract an exciting new career or relationship. If this is you, we recommend you begin with the self DISCOVERY tools but you can start at IDENTITY if you feel you need it.

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Feeling Uncertain

We guide you through the 5 phases within the current cycle of your personal evolution.

Ready For Change

You're ready take a leap and try something new but you aren't sure how to decide on what's next for you.

5 Stages of Finding Your SELF


You have conflict in your soul. You yearn to break free from something, even if you don't know what that something is. You've probably spent a lot of time assessing where you are without really understanding who you are. Perhaps you have been living too long for others instead of living for yourself. Trying to understand it and sort it all out can be quite confusing because your soul's desire to be free, is in conflict with your beliefs or programming

Naively, we grow up living our lives by someone else's standards, beliefs, desires and expectations. As children we're taught or programmed to conform to socially accepted norms, often bound by religious systems. It's referred to as programming because your mind is constantly being programmed on how to make logical decisions based on specific input. Those inputs are both taught by others or learned through experience.

We're taught in our homes and in our schools what is "acceptable" and what is not. This perception of acceptance carries well into adulthood and becomes the foundation on which we build our adult lives. Over time, you, the individual, can certainly lose your sense of self because the real you is abandoned, suppressed, shut-up and shut-out under the influence of acceptance.

Our society's dominant, collective trait is conformity. 

I NEED A REBOOT walks you through a process of self discovery and liberation. The first thing we address is Self Identity. We help you to remove the noise so that you can  gain a true sense of self. In this stage you will begin to rebuild a healthy self image and learn how to love the person that you are, freely and with confidence.

STRIPPING - Unveiling Your SELF
SELF CREATION - Expanding your SELF

How To Connect With Us

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Why do we call it an evolution?



the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

  • Example: "the forms of written languages undergo constant evolution"

synonyms: development, advancement, growth, rise, progress, expansion, unfolding;
transformation, adaptation, modification, revision

  • Example: "the evolution of language"

We are in a continual process of personal growth, development, transformation, adaptation and expansion. The term evolution is a perfect fit for the cycles we experience in our lives.

What do we mean by cycle?

Every process has a life cycle. The term life-cycle simply refers to a series of stages through which an individual passes during its lifetime. No doubt we enter into various stages, phases and cycles in our lifetime. Within that space, evolution is also taking place as we are becoming or transforming into something else.

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